Our workshops

Join myself and Matt on one of our workshops. We cater for all levels, from beginner all the way to experienced photographers. We like to keep our workshops informal, easy to understand, and above all fun. After all that’s how it should be.

We keep our groups as a maximum of 2 participants per instructor. This ensures everyone gets plenty of time with each instructor and enables us to help when needed.

Wherever possible our workshops are carefully planned to coincide with tide and sunrise / sunset times at the set locations. This helps to achieve the best composition when shooting your images.

What do we teach?

We aim to cover as much as possible with our general workshops. Areas we cover include

  • Understanding aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

  • Metering. Learn how the different metering modes will affect your image.

  • Manual focusing.

  • Using your histogram.

  • Get out of auto. Learn what each of the manual modes do and how they’ll affect your image.

  • Raw vs jpeg.

What should you bring?

  • A dslr or csc camera.

  • Spare battery.

  • Memory card.

  • Tripod.

  • Lens cloth.

  • Remote shutter release.

Your booking will be confirmed once full payment is received. Some of our workshops involve paying for parking so please remember to bring a suitable payment method.

Occasionally we need to cancel a workshop due to our wonderful British weather. If this is ever the case you will be given a full refund and offered a replacement workshop should you wish. Please follow the link below to view our current available workshops. If you would prefer to book something not shown then please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

Current workshops