Sunrise at Pin mill

This is one of my favourite images. I love the warm colours and the serine composition. I had originally planned to shoot the 3 wrecks, but the only time I could go the sunrise did not coincide with the high tide. Worry not I thought, I’ll just shoot some of the boats instead. Tip No1, if you go to Pin mill take some wellies. Tip No2, even if you have wellies don’t go too far out as you will get stuck in the mud.

Sadly on my first trip I didn’t have wellies so attempted to gingerly make my way to the shore with just my trusty walking boots…it wasn’t happening. All was not lost though as I had a backup plan in the form of my flying camera, yup out came the drone. To be fair I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t save myself the joys of scrubbing my boots and get the drone out earlier. You live and learn.

As far as the shot goes it’s safe to say I’m pretty happy. The light was fantastic and the water was as flat as glass.

I have since returned at high tide to shoot the wrecks but it seems my presence annoyed a couple of nesting birds so that’s a photo for another day.

Copy of Pin mill