A walk in the park?

This first shot taken on the way up to Fleetwith pike. I arrived at Gatesgarth farm around 2pm. I had intended to arrive earlier but I got sidetracked shooting a few other spots on the way. The weather didn’t look too bad to be fair. A few clouds but nothing drastic, so off I headed.

Warnscale Head

I had intended to do a bit of wild camping, and indeed I was in the process of setting up the tent when it started to rain. Oh my god did it rain. It rained for 10 hours. I sat pondering my fate whilst thinking of my Friend Izzy who the week before had swam in the lakes as it was so hot.

I decided to head back down to the bothy just below Warnscale head. I actually had the place to myself, or so I thought. While drying off in my sleeping bag with only the howling wind for company I noticed a small shape in the shadows…a mouse. No wait…2 mice. At first it was quite amusing watching them scurry about as the light faded.

This didn’t last long. Laying in the darkness I could hear them. Over here, over there, seemingly everywhere. I swear there were 10 of them.

Warnscale bothy

Around 6 the next morning the rain stopped, so I packed up ready to head back down. What’s this? a hole in my backpack? They didn’t? Yup, they actually chewed a hole through my pack during the night to help themselves to my 2 tasty rolls I had saved. An amusing reminder of my trip to the lakes.

The trip back down was akin to a walk through a stream. It seems the rain had literally turned all the paths to streams.


I’m quite glad about the weather…and the food thieves. Overall it was a great night and a great hike. Hopefully I can manged plenty more trips around our beautiful countryside. There’s so much out there to see people. Get off the sofa before it’s too late. Enough babbling from me, here’s a couple more images for you to, (hopefully), enjoy.

Peggys bridge